Nr. 7 – Loibl Pass

The Loibl Pass is another border-crossing mountain pass between Austria and Slovenia. If you cycle this pass from Austria, you will start in Ferlach. On the Austrian side, you will cycle through beautiful forests, on a wide mountain road, with good asphalt. The climb incline varies a lot and starts out rather tough, with percentages up to 15%. After that rather rough start, you have 5 km where you can recover. Right at the time where you think you are almost at the top, suddenly the incline rises and the 2nd to last km, has an average incline of 13% which is definitely noticeable.  

You will not pass the top of the mountain crest, but will cycle through a tunnel (1,5km length) into Slovenia. When you come from the Austrian side and cycle in the direction of Slovenia, you will cycle downwards through the tunnel, and that is a bit more convenient, because it reduces the time you spend in the tunnel. Cycling light is definitely advisable, although the tunnel has lights as well and luckily there is not too many traffic on this pass.

The Loibl Pass winds up from the Drava valley in many hairpin turns to the top of the pass. A small road leads off from the Kleiner Loibl (Sapotnica) pass to the remote Bodental valley. A two-lane tunnel was constructed beneath the mountain crest in 1963-64 to handle the traffic. The pass used to be a significant road connection between Klagenfurt and Kranj, but its importance has waned since the Karawanken Motorway Tunnel opened in 1991. While border controls were abolished in 2007, they have been temporarily reinstated due to an increase in illegal border crossings during the European migrant crisis.

The Loibl Pass is situated on the border between Austria and Slovenia, at a height of 1,367 metres above the Adriatic.

The Pass is closed for heavy traffic.

The opening of the Karawanken Tunnel in 1991, made that the Pass lost its function as a main road connection between Austria and Slovinia. Therefore the road is now rather quiet and a perfect road to cycle on.